Single-operator Rectifiers are intended for manual arc welding and cutting with direct current using covered electrodes (ММА mode) products of low-carbon, carbon, low-alloy and corrosion-resistant steel, as well as for argon-arc welding with non-consumable electrode (GTAW mode) with the control unit included.
Rectifiers designed for stationary and assembly jobs, can be used for heavy duty of oil and gas pipeline construction.

• Smooth manual/remote control of welding current.
• Provides precise setup and high stability of welding current.
• Provides welding with low level of splashing and smoke and fume discharge.
• Works at temperatures of -40 °С to +50 °С.
• High level stability of welding current for the variations in voltage of the supply;
• Thermal protection for transformer and rectifier unit.
• Simplified construction provides high reliability and long lasting operation.
• Easy maintenance and repairs.
• Easy arc ignition.
• High arc burning stability.
• High quality weld.

Single-operator Arc Welding Rectifiers RA 313 413 306 306C1 506T

VD 306C1 500x440

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