Self-aligning roller rotators are intended for installation and rotation of details with an extreme oval shape or in case quick alteration is required. Both pairs of rollers are driven. The distance and the slope of the roller pairs for the required diameter of the welding detail is set automatically.

As a special order, the support devices include additional spare assembly parts and accessories, as well as rollers with different types of coating: all-metal, metal with rubber coating, metal with polyurethane coating. There is a possibility to turn on and off several rotators from the same remote control.

• Adjustment between rotator rollers for required diameter is automatic
• Built-in regulator provides smooth adjustment of a wide range of rotating speeds, high precision, and a big initial momentum.
• Simple and reliable remote control with capabilities of turning on multiple supports.

Self-aligning roller rotators

Supply Voltage: 380 V
Rotation speed: 100-1000 mm/min

Self-aligning roller rotators



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