• ADF-1000 Welding Automat
• ADF-1000 tractor is designed to make your welding operation optimal and to increase the productivity and quality.
• ADF-1000 performs automatic arc welding with one wire under the flux layer (SAW). It can be re-equipped for arc welding under a flux layer (TWIN) or for shielded gas welding (GMAW).
• Solid tractor carriage ensures a constant and accurate traveling/welding speed also in inclined positions.
• The tractor carriage is equipped with a handle to disengage the clutch for quick movements to new positions.
• The nozzle can be adjusted into numerous positions depending on application.
• ADF-1000 can be used with different power sources made by ESVA, both classic or invertor types.
• The tractor has easy to use process controller which can be set by the user in seconds. Turn knobs allow easy adjustment of wire feed speed, voltage and travel speed during the process.
• ADF-1000 may be equipped on a demand with laser diode pilot lamp which projects a
spot in the joint.

ADF-1000 Welding Automat


• Butt welding in the lower seam position with and without cutting the edges
• Lap welding in the lower seam position
• Welding of T-joints in the position «in the boat»
• Welding inside and outside the machine track


• Shipbuilding
• Civil construction and bridges
• Metal sections
• Tanks
• Accessories
• “In the boat” welding kit
• Feed roller with notch for flux-cored wire
• Set for wire Ø2mm
• D35, TWIN and GMAW current supply kits

ADF 1000 RED DSC 5290 1000 702

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