MG 5733.CR2 IgorIn our department we hire only experienced engineers on a competitive basis, with a mandatory trial period.
For each order from a client, we form a team. Design engineers together with the client develop requirement specifications, prepare and approve the documentation and pass it to production. This refers to orders for complex custom technological equipment and certain units.
For manufacturing, we use highly accurate equipment from European and American companies such as EWM, GEKA, MAXIEM.
All our products are under warranty; we adjust and upgrade the equipment for new technological customer requirements if needed.

Dzerzhinsky street, 136 letter A, office 301,
236034 Kaliningrd,
Russian Federation
+7 (4012) 632 339
INN: 3907008600 TRANSMISSION: 390701001 BIN: 1023901641246


General Director Kalinin Mikhail
Production of equipment for soldering, welding and cutting metals, machines and apparatus for surface heat treatment and thermal spraying