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Our factory's flux-cored welding wire was certified by one of the leading international certification companies DNV GL.

The certificate will be valid for wire brand EFCW-71 until 2024.

We must mention that products approved by this document are accepted for installation on all vessels classified by DNV GL.
These are more than 13 thousand vessels and mobile oil and gas platforms, which makes up about 21% of the world fleet.

This certification confirms compliance with internationally recognized rules and protocols, as well as a high level of safety and reliability. DNV GL certifies more than 30% of offshore oil and gas production equipment, and also provides expert assistance in the creation of industry projects, starting from planning and throughout their construction and operation.

In addition to certification services for the marine industry, the company provides classification and consulting services for the oil and gas industry in terms of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

You can find out more about the technical parameters of the welding wires or order samples for testing by calling tel. 8-800-350-98-10 (the call is free).

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General Director Kalinin Mikhail