Electrosvarka Plant – 60th years anniversary! We summing up results and planning new!

Electrosvarka Plant – 60th years anniversary!

We are young and full of ideas, ready for new achievements! With honor and dignity the plant passed through examination of time and saved its golden fund – experienced staff, engineers and at same time calls young people to take place in the plant staff.

ESVA is participating in import substitution. Our equipment and welding wires are finding a market not only in Russian, but also far abroad. Quality, safety, and reliability proved by certificates and time.

Dzerzhinsky street, 136 A, office 301,
236034 Kaliningrad,
Russian Federation
+7 800 350 98 10 mailbox@ao-esva.com
INN: 3907008600 TRANSMISSION: 390701001 BIN: 1023901641246


General Director Kalinin Mikhail